Class QuotedURI


public class QuotedURI extends Object
Writing URI strings for Turtle etc.

If the URI string contains bad characters (control characters x00 to x20 and characters <>"{}|^`\) various ways to handle this are provided. They cause either a different URI to written or an illegal one.

There is no way to write these illegal characters. Percent-encoding is an encoding, not an escape mechanism. It put actual 3 characters %-X-X.into the URI. Even if the character is put in with a Unicode \-u escape, it is not a legal URI and will fail URI parsing.

  • Constructor Details

    • QuotedURI

      public QuotedURI()
    • QuotedURI

      public QuotedURI(org.apache.jena.atlas.lib.CharSpace charSpace)
  • Method Details

    • writeURI

      public void writeURI( w, String s)
      Write a string for a URI on one line.