Class HttpEnv


public class HttpEnv extends Object
JVM wide settings.
  • Field Details

    • defaultTriplesFormat

      public static final RDFFormat defaultTriplesFormat
    • defaultQuadsFormat

      public static final RDFFormat defaultQuadsFormat
    • urlLimit

      public static int urlLimit
      Maximum length of URL for GET requests for SPARQL queries (SPARQL 1.1 Protocol). Above this limit, the code switches to using the HTTP POST form.
  • Constructor Details

    • HttpEnv

      public HttpEnv()
  • Method Details

    • getDftHttpClient

      public static HttpClient getDftHttpClient()
    • setDftHttpClient

      public static void setDftHttpClient(HttpClient dftHttpClient)
    • getHttpClient

      public static HttpClient getHttpClient(String url, HttpClient specificHttpClient)
      Return the HttpClient based on URL and a possible pre-selected HttpClient.
    • httpClientBuilder

      public static HttpClient.Builder httpClientBuilder()
    • reset

      public static void reset()
      Reset any Jena system state related to HTTP