Interface RulePreprocessHook

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    OWLExptRuleTranslationHook, OWLRuleTranslationHook, RDFSCMPPreprocessHook

    public interface RulePreprocessHook
    Implementors of this interface can be used as preprocessing passes during intialization of (hybrid) rule systems. They are typically used to generate additional data-dependent rules or additional deductions (normally from comprehension axioms) which are cheaper this way than using the generic rule engines.
    • Method Detail

      • run

        void run​(FBRuleInfGraph infGraph,
                 Finder dataFind,
                 Graph inserts)
        Invoke the preprocessing hook. This will be called during the preparation time of the hybrid reasoner.
        infGraph - the inference graph which is being prepared, the hook code can use this to add pure deductions or add additional rules (using addRuleDuringPrepare).
        dataFind - the finder which packages up the raw data (both schema and data bind) and any cached transitive closures.
        inserts - a temporary graph into which the hook should insert all new deductions that should be seen by the rules.
      • needsRerun

        boolean needsRerun​(FBRuleInfGraph infGraph,
                           Triple t)
        Validate a triple add to see if it should reinvoke the hook. If so then the inference will be restarted at next prepare time. Incremental re-processing is not yet supported.