Package jena

A package for some Jena command-line programs, including copying RDF data with representation conversion, eg XML to N3 comparing two RDF files for isomorphism (extended equality) an interface to the ARP RDF parser access to the RDQL interpreter a schema-to-Java generator


Interface Summary

Class Summary
rdfcat An RDF utility that takes its name from the Unix utility cat, and is used to generate serialisations of the contents of zero or more input model serialisations.
rdfcompare A program which read two RDF models and determines if they are the same.
rdfcopy A program which read an RDF model and copy it to the standard output stream.
rdfparse A command line interface into ARP.
RuleMap General command line utility to process one RDF file into another by application of a set of forward chaining rules.
schemagen A vocabulary generator, that will consume an ontology or other vocabulary file, and generate a Java file with the constants from the vocabulary compiled in.
schemagen.OptionDefinition An option that can be set either on the command line or in the RDF config
schemagen.SchemagenUtils Utility method container
version jena.version Print out jena version information and exit.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
schemagen.SchemagenException Schemagen runtime exception

Package jena Description

A package for some Jena command-line programs, including

Licenced under the Apache License, Version 2.0