Interface RuleReasoner

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FBRuleReasoner, GenericRuleReasoner, OWLFBRuleReasoner, OWLMicroReasoner, OWLMiniReasoner, RDFSFBRuleReasoner, RDFSForwardRuleReasoner, RDFSRuleReasoner

public interface RuleReasoner
extends Reasoner

RuleReasoner - an interface to capture the idea of a Reasoner that relies on Rules; motivated primarily by the testing for ModelSpecs which specify Rules for Reasoners.

Method Summary
 List<Rule> getRules()
          Answer the rules used by this Reasoner.
 void setRules(List<Rule> rules)
          Set the rules used by this reasoner.
Methods inherited from interface com.hp.hpl.jena.reasoner.Reasoner
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Method Detail


void setRules(List<Rule> rules)
Set the rules used by this reasoner. rules must be a list of Rule objects.


List<Rule> getRules()
Answer the rules used by this Reasoner.

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