Class OWLFBRuleReasoner

  extended by com.hp.hpl.jena.reasoner.rulesys.FBRuleReasoner
      extended by com.hp.hpl.jena.reasoner.rulesys.OWLFBRuleReasoner
All Implemented Interfaces:
Reasoner, RuleReasoner

public class OWLFBRuleReasoner
extends FBRuleReasoner

A hybrid forward/backward implementation of the OWL closure rules.

Constructor Summary
OWLFBRuleReasoner(ReasonerFactory factory)
Method Summary
 InfGraph bind(Graph data)
          Attach the reasoner to a set of RDF data to process.
 Reasoner bindSchema(Graph tbox)
          Precompute the implications of a schema graph.
 InfGraph getPreload()
          Get the single static precomputed rule closure.
static List<Rule> loadRules()
          Return the rule set, loading it in if necessary
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Constructor Detail


public OWLFBRuleReasoner(ReasonerFactory factory)

Method Detail


public static List<Rule> loadRules()
Return the rule set, loading it in if necessary


public Reasoner bindSchema(Graph tbox)
                    throws ReasonerException
Precompute the implications of a schema graph. The statements in the graph will be combined with the data when the final InfGraph is created.

Specified by:
bindSchema in interface Reasoner
bindSchema in class FBRuleReasoner
tbox - the ontology axioms or rule set encoded in RDF
a reasoner instace which can be used to process a data graph
ReasonerException - if the reasoner cannot be bound to a rule set in this way, for example if the underlying engine can only accept a single rule set in this way and one rule set has already been bound in of if the ruleset is illformed.


public InfGraph bind(Graph data)
              throws ReasonerException
Attach the reasoner to a set of RDF data to process. The reasoner may already have been bound to specific rules or ontology axioms (encoded in RDF) through earlier bindRuleset calls.

Specified by:
bind in interface Reasoner
bind in class FBRuleReasoner
data - the RDF data to be processed, some reasoners may restrict the range of RDF which is legal here (e.g. syntactic restrictions in OWL).
an inference graph through which the data+reasoner can be queried.
ReasonerException - if the data is ill-formed according to the constraints imposed by this reasoner.


public InfGraph getPreload()
Get the single static precomputed rule closure.

Licenced under the Apache License, Version 2.0