Interface FrontsNode

All Known Subinterfaces:
AllDifferent, AllValuesFromRestriction, Alt, AnnotationProperty, Bag, BooleanClassDescription, CardinalityQRestriction, CardinalityRestriction, ComplementClass, Container, DataRange, DatatypeProperty, EnumeratedClass, FunctionalProperty, HasValueRestriction, Individual, IntersectionClass, InverseFunctionalProperty, Literal, MaxCardinalityQRestriction, MaxCardinalityRestriction, MinCardinalityQRestriction, MinCardinalityRestriction, ObjectProperty, OntClass, Ontology, OntProperty, OntResource, Property, QualifiedRestriction, RDFList, RDFNode, ReifiedStatement, Resource, Restriction, Seq, SomeValuesFromRestriction, SymmetricProperty, TransitiveProperty, UnionClass
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public interface FrontsNode

HasNode - interface for objects that front a Node in some context. The critical semantics for HasNode is that classes implementing HasNode promise that their .equals() is based *only* on the underlying Node.

Method Summary
 Node asNode()
          Answer the Node associated with this object.

Method Detail


Node asNode()
Answer the Node associated with this object.

Licenced under the Apache License, Version 2.0